Fashion And Style Advice For Men - Cool Clothes For A Night Out

Fashion can sometimes be a complicated business that, if you're not completely au fait with its weird ways of working, can seem a bit impenetrable. So wouldn't it be useful to have a guide to tell you the key components of, for example, putting together a great evening look? We think that shoes are a really important part of any man's evening style. You want a pair that go with everything, so try classic black leather in either lace-ups or slip on style.

Add to this great start with a brilliant sweater. We particularly love knitted V neck sweaters as they're really versatile and available in pretty much any color imaginable so you could always buy a few and then mix and match depending where you're going. You can also choose to get fine knit V necks that are great for evenings in spring or fall, as well as thicker knitted options that are perfect for keeping you warm and stylish in winter. They look good over either t shirt or dress shirt.

You can add instant sophistication to your outfit with a decent pair of pants. We particularly recommend a pair of chinos, which are great for any formal occasion. Likewise, dark denim jeans are equally great for slightly more casual evenings or for men who don't like to be too smart about things. Dark colors probably work best here as it means they can be worn with pretty much any other outfit combination and going for classic styles means they'll always look fashionable.

For a really fantastic jacket option for evening, you could try one of the classic styles of leather jacket available. You have loads of options here and can choose from jackets with zips or buttons as well as blazers, bomber jackets and more. If you get a good leather jacket, it will last for decades, so it's a good financial investment as well as a sure hit in terms of style. Traditional black leather is best, so try and keep things simple.

One last thing to complete your evening style is a couple of well-chosen accessories that can add instant sophistication to any outfit. For those chilly evenings, try adding a scarf for a great touch. For a cool masculine look, try a scarf with subtle stripes in a versatile color so you know it'll go with what you're wearing. You could also get yourself a decent watch with either a metal or leather strap, as this will add a touch of class to any look as well as being extremely versatile.

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