Stunning range of sex toys

What an amazing variety of sex toys. Sex toys range from purely male or female sex toys for toys that can be used for both sexes. There are also a few sex toys that can also be classified as sex or family benefits.

The purpose of sex toys

Several sex toys help stimulate establishment, the female genitalia are more sensitive or give a feeling of being different to "normal" sex. Other variations of sex toys "environment" to do during sex, such party is called linen. Sometimes they are used to help people, naked sex to achieve sexual satisfaction. However, most sex toys new way to directly stimulate the genitals of men or women for sexual gratification.

Using sex toys is a new experience and changes in sexual experience motion. It can also provide an element of fantasy to enhance or strengthen the relationship.

Usually, it is estimated that sex toy right stimulation of genitals in warming or during sexual intercourse or as a means of achieving an orgasm just through offering stimulation provided by sex toys.

Types of sex toys

Vibrating sex toys

Probably the most famous ' sex toys, vibrators, as its name suggests, with vibration, the stimulus of the genitals. They are mainly used to stimulate the clitoris, but it can also be used to promote other parts of the female body or person

The simplest of them in pencil or stick form (although typically thicker than a pencil). They often have a built-in rechargeable battery (or two) that feeds a small electric motor. Sometimes the battery and an external controller and vibrator connected to the wire. The machine is equipped with a small, fixed to the balancer shaft. Heavy machinery and helicopters was cast in small circular motions, where you feel the vibration.

With a vibrator that has such power, controller, increase motor speed increases, and, thus, the rate and magnitude of the vibration. Speed and strength and vibration effects like stimulation you find sex toys. The best effect is not as strong or as fast as possible. Optimal settings can also be changed as Your arousal level builds. To get the best results is a vibrator which can be controlled.

A variety of vibrators have different characteristics and you may find that you prefer a combination of much more than anyone else, and your preferences may change depending on what part of your body, you will be driving.

Recently, e-Government has been published which offer not only static strength/speed also allows you to select a template and surges. This can be very effective.

There are other sex toys vibrating stimulators Analyzer, such as butterflies and vibrating penis ring.

Other controlled sex toys

There are a couple of sex toys to use other means to ensure the mechanical stimuli. This usually hangs machine that makes sex toys is constantly changing its shape, is a kind of rotation, or does it move back and forth. The back and forth movement sometimes air pump driven by the engine instead. The movement is used to create, for example, a mechanical tongue licking, vibrator, penetrating her pussy and mouth Simulators humans ' gives ' blowjob.

On a larger scale and more expensive, there is a "sex machine for stretching and vibrating dildo.

A combination of sex toys

So far, we have seen, move, vibrate and, wide-eyed, sex toys. You guessed it, that's all they are available in various combinations.

The combination of a rabbit style vibrator clit a lot "with vibration and vaginal stimulation for movement of traffic and sometimes impose.

Many sex toys add surface they have different textures, dildo or vibrator soft spines or ridges and undulating form.

Change the feeling of sex toys

Sex toys vibrating and no changes to offers or move proposals, the feeling of sex.

For example, there are many branches that put penis in different sensations for both partners bangyoulater sex with penetration.

There are rings to tighten squeeze the base of the penis and scrotum, or to maintain an erection, as well as change their feelings. Fits over the penis and thickeners that partners can give the sensation of human during penetration.

There are a number of lubricants, which can change the sensation of sex significantly.

PVC and polyurethane sheets, water and oil are smooth or messy sex can be used.

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