Keeping Cheap Flights Cheap with Baggage Costs

Since cheap flights are so cheap, low cost carriers usually make up for profit they have lost by charging their passengers through other things i.e. a certain amount for food, seating preference or even leg room. Other extra charges that are considered by many customers as hidden charges in cheap flights include baggage costs. With these in mind, how can you keep your low cost flight cheap?

As low cost carriers are trying to minimize their expenses to make more profit, they usually have a rather restrictive baggage or luggage policy. To ensure that you do not add extra charges to your cheap flight, it is best that you board the plane with just one hand carry luggage. Limit that luggage to 10 kilograms and you should do just find. The dimensions of your luggage should also be around 55 x 40 x 20 centimeters. This of course is general information and if you plan to not add more money to your expenses by just carrying one luggage, you should take a look at your carrier's website or give them a call.

For passengers planning to bring some extra luggage, you would have to check how much per extra kilo will cost you. Often, you would have to pay for it once you book your ticket but you can also do this at the airport. It is better to be prepared with some extra cash though since prices change pretty often. Travelers who are on a budget should keep in mind that paying for checked-in luggage through the carrier's website or through a booking company online is way cheaper as compared to paying it at the airport. To ensure that you will not be spending too much on your luggage, it is better to call your carrier of choice in case there are any changes in terms of their prices.

Aside from your baggage, you should also look into the fine print for the promo you are availing of because often, low cost carriers just put in a certain price that does not include taxes and other fees. While some airlines only add minimal fees, others are just exorbitant so it is best to do your homework before you book a ticket. Cheap flights are wonderful. However, one should keep in mind that some airlines that offer cheap flights also have a tendency to put hidden charges in your ticket.

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