Dog Bicycle Carriers - Fashion and Style Cruising With Your Pet

Did you know you can get a dog bicycle carrier for your pet? Yes, it is not just Dorothy Gale who can carry her own personal Toto in a basket on her bicycle! Now, anyone can get that Wizard of Oz look when traveling with their pet. Today, there are dozens of different styles of carriers that attach to your bicycles handle bars, allowing you to stick your small dog inside for a fun trip for you both.

A dog bicycle carrier is designed to be a safe, secure place for your pet. You will not have to worry about him jumping out while you are riding, since the carrier is made to prevent this from happening. This is true of every style of carrier. That said, there are virtually unlimited features, colors, and styles to choose from, so you can get the on-the-go look that is right for both you and your dog. For example, some carriers are padded, while others are wired. Some come in neutral colors, some are pastel, while others are bold and bright. You can get carriers with sun shades to keep the heat off of Fido, while other carriers come with side pockets for food and water containers, so your pet can get the sustenance he needs on long trips. You can truly customize your bicycle travel experience with these carriers.

Nearly all dog bicycle carriers attach to the front of the bike, usually on the handlebars. This is because your dog is usually the safest when you can see him. However, there are a few models that attach to the side of your bicycle, and there are even trailers that hitch to the back of the bike. The choice you make depends entirely on what makes you the most comfortable. However, if you love to travel by bike, there is no reason you can not take your dog along for the ride!

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