How Fashion and Style Defines a Person

People say that we must not care about what others think about us. Furthermore, human beings are expected to act by themselves. But as the cliché goes, no man is an island. There will come a time that we should consider the opinion and perspective of others. In doing so, we should be able to consider them in such a manner that these opinions and perspectives will not influence the way they treat us.

Of course, there are times that people are judged on how they look. If you want to look good in the eyes of other people then you can always start by keeping up with fashion trends. You don't really need to have that perfect sense of style. By dressing modestly, you can instantly show other people that you are not to be trifled with. Yes, you might not care about what they think of you, but, it is important that you wear clothes that are in accordance with how you would want them to treat you.

Your character and personality reflect the way you look at yourself. The way others perceive you is also affected by your appearance. This may sound a bit judgmental, but as human beings, we are all victims of this fact when it comes to the superficial aspects of our kind.

Fashion Norms - Conservative Vs. Provocative

We have all been taught to avoid wearing short dresses and shirts that are too tight. Of course, this is applicable if you want to maintain a conservative and modern look. If you can notice, by simply wearing loose tops and a good pair of pants, the possibility of being harassed by perverts will decrease exponentially. Wearing appropriate types of clothing can lead you to the path towards leaving a good image. In that regard, if you want to look conservative than provocative, then you might want to stop wearing clothes that can catch too much attention.

Creativity is one aspect that can easily be seen by the way you dress yourself. A lot of people can tell whether you are simple or extravagant by just looking at the clothes you have on. If you are the simple and preserved kind of person, then you can go with the conventional outfit, safe style of hair and accessories.

On the contrary, flashy types of people want to get attention by trying on various colorful fashion accessories and clothes. They always prefer seeing heads turning each time they pass by. These bold individuals are commonly seen with the trendiest dresses, shoes, and other accessories. Aside from that, we can normally see these people wearing wigs. Although this might seem funny, there are those who prefer styling their hair by wearing wigs.

When all is said and done, this world is still just as superficial as we all perceive it to be. In our modern era, one thing's for sure - that whether you like it or not, you will still be judged according to how you look, and how you appear to other people.

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