Men's Top Fashion and Style Trends - Hats and Caps

One accessory that too many men shrug off as they view it as too garish is the hat or cap. They do not realize that they can add the additional appeal which their garments need by just putting on the appropriate hat. Whether the outfit is casual or elegant a properly fitting hat will go a long way.

Casual Hats - Kangol, Cuffley, Ascot Caps and Bucket Hats

  • Kangol or Baileys are well known and well loved designs and they are classified as ascot or flat caps. Although these brands are linked to fine quality you can buy non designer labels and attain the identical outcomes. The main factors to consider is the fit of the hat and the materials used to create it.
  • The ascot cap is inaccurately called a Kangol cap mainly because of how people make the association. Such a hat is the perfect complement to casual outfits or to obtain a more casual or relaxed impression. This specific design has always been a choice of fashion forward young and older men. It is especially accepted among men in the arts like writers, artists and musicians.
  • For defense against the detrimental effects of the sun bucket hats are the perfect choice. Unfortunately, since they're not very becoming these kinds of hats aren't suitable for anything else.

Traditional and Regional Hats - Top Hat, Cowboy Hat, and the Fedora

  • The top hat is still a selection for some select men on formal occasions, worn with a tuxedo for special situations such as a ball, gala, wedding, or possibly even prom by a few daring young gents. Outside of these instances, this type of style has lost a great deal of popularity and cannot be recommended for wear in general, though men who prefer to use one will induce little offense in doing so.
  • Much like the top hat, the cowboy hat has long been affiliated with American culture. It plays a substantial role in history and even today is a must have for many men particularly in places like Texas and Alberta, Canada. In other territories men would rather steer clear of them as they don't see them as a style that they will want to display beyond a poker room or country music bar.
  • One classic cap, however, that has retained a great deal of respect and elegance throughout the years is the fedora. After struggling with a short period of unpopularity during the 1970's and onward, the most recent decade has been very kind to the fedora hat, currently used by youth, young men, and mature gents as well. Once purely obtainable in monochrome tones, the fedora is now generally supplied in plaids as well as in pinstriped varieties, the most common being a jet black base with grey or bright white striping.

Whether one decides to wear a hat to cover a bald or balding head or simply to add an edge to a unique and fashion forward ensemble - the resurgence in popularity of caps and hats is a wonderful thing and a great way to improve a dull wardrobe with a new accessory which will undoubtedly attract many remarks and, if paired correctly, compliments on a daring new look

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